Saturday, August 8, 2020

Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Summer Box 2020

Charlotte Tilbury comes out with a mystery box 2 to 3 times year.

Sometimes you can choose from two boxes with two different price tags; One will be like $75 with a $150 Value or a $200 one with a $350 value, you get the point.

This time the summer mystery box was $195 with at least a $388.00 value with 9 full sized products and this one actually showed 2 of the items.

I have bought two in the past and the last was older products or products it seemed no one was buying.

I was a bit skeptical to buy the summer one but figured this would be the last time I purchased one if it was a dud.

I have never seen a sticker on the mystery boxes in the past

All the goodies

 Upon first look I wasn't wowed by the box but let me explain!

 If you have a lot of Charlotte Tilbury products like I do,  you will most likely be getting dupes.

Indeed a few items are duplicates from previous purchases or boxes.

There is a good and bad to this particular box.

Keep reading.....

Cheek to chic blush in Ecstasy

Filmstar Bronze & Glow in Medium

( I need the darker shade now, this is my second light one)
Ecstasy blush & Filmstar Bronze and Glow

Angel Alessandra & Matte contour liquid lipstick in Dolly Bird
The lip colors are pretty.

Wonder glow & Beauty light wand in Spotlight
Eyes to Mesmerise in Star Gold & Eye Chameleon in Amber Haze

 Free gifts with purchase

Charlotte Tilbury is by far one of favorite high end brands of makeup and I do love mostly everything I have tried her line.

Overall I was personally pleased with this box and would say this is the best mystery box I have received from Charlotte Tilbury thus far.

This particular box would be a great box for people who do not have many of Charlotte's products.

Now onto why I am a little disappointed with it.

The colors in the box are definitely geared towards people with lighter complexions.

You can see by all the swatches above.

   I would have been extremely disappointed if I had a darker complexion.

I am actually a little surprised there were no shade options , you know light to medium or tan to dark.

In the future I hope charlotte Tilbury will do better and come out with shade choices as stated above, because the selection in products are great but the color choices not so much.

The value of the box is a little under $400 and with the free gifts with purchase it brings the value over $400.

What do you think about the box??

Let me know your thoughts??



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