Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Charlotte Tilbury Super Blue Luxury Palette Review and Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury recently released four new quads to her line, well actually only 3 but for some reason the 4th quad was just renamed.

They are all made to enhance Brown, Blue, Hazel and Green eyes depending on what shade you get.
 I got Super Blue which is the one to enhance brown eyes, but you can wear any color of shadow no matter what color your eyes are.

Super Blue stood out to me the most, not just because it was meant for brown eyes, but also because it was the only one of the new quads that seemed different than any of her previous palettes or shadows.

 The quad is absolutely gorgeous! I mean just look at the colors, right? 
Look at the sparkling blue, drool worthy for sure.

Well just keep reading :)

Shade 1 prime, 2 enhance, 4 Pop, 3 smoke ( yes 3 and 4 are backwards)

Here are all the colors swatched and that gorgeous sparkly blue is not at all gorgeous looking as it is in the pan.  (  Sigh )

The lighter colors are pretty and blend well.   3 which is the dark blue shade shows a little bit darker on the lid and has quite a bit of kick up, and 4 which is enhanced, still does not show up as well as it looks in the pan.

I will probably keep it just to add it to my Charlotte Tilbury collection but if you are not a collector you can pass.

Retail is $53.00 for each quad, but I was lucky to get it for 25% off from Bergdorf's  when it was on sale a few weeks ago. 

Did you get this? Tell me your thoughts?



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