Monday, March 30, 2020

Guess who's back

I have so much new and different content I want to bring to my blog in 2020.  I swear it feels like we are in the twilight zone! Anyone else feel that way?

At the end of February I decided to start WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers).
 I have really let myself go the past several years and it is finally time to get my old self back and get back my mental health as well.

Keep in mind I planned to do this months ago in 2019.
Great timing right?

So I am about 4 weeks in and 10 pounds down which is good but a slow start.  I was hoping for more by now, but I know we all lose weight at different paces.  With all this virus stuff going on right now I am trying my best to keep to my points; So far so good!

I have some new makeup I want to share, not a crazy amount, but some and I have some really great recipes too.

My husband bought me these flowers last week and it just reminded me of how beautiful things still are in the world.

We all need to keep social distance and try our best to stay safe at home!!

It drives me crazy the amount of people who are not doing this but that is a completely different story.

Sorry if I am all over the place right now but just keeping it real.

Let me know how you are all feeling??



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