Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Review and Swatches 

It has been a while since I bought any new palettes from Urban Decay.

I can only take so many neutral palettes you know, I do own Naked 1, 2, and 3 palettes and the smaller basic naked one too. 
Getting bored with all the neutral colors being repeated and/or being very similar.

I really liked the "Beached palette" they had launched a few months back but passed on that one ( I really want it though).

So when "Born to Run" was released it looked nice but again I really didn't need another eyeshadow palette.

While shopping in Ulta a few weeks back and saw it and swatched it; it looked good but again I passed on it.

Recently I received a 20% off prestige brands at Ulta recently and didn't know what I was going to get if anything at all.

Breakaway, Stranded, Blaze,Weekender, Still Shot, Riff, Good as Gone

Hellride,  Baja, Accelerate, Guilt Trip, Ignite, Smog, Wanderlust

Wildheart,  Punk,  Double Life,  Jet,  Drift,  Radio,  Big Sky

I went in the last day I could use the coupon and I ended up with the Born to Run palette.

 Glad I decided to get it, the colors are so pretty and I love the variety of colors Born to Run has.

Not crazy about the actual cover of the palette but that is no biggie.

I don't know if Urban Decay changed their formula on this palette but it feels a little different to me than my Naked palettes.  These feel a little smoother in my opinion. It could just be my imagination.

You definitely should use a eye base or primer to get the colors to look as intense as they do in the swatches.

This is a really good palette to get; you have your neutrals and fun colors all in one sleek palette and the mirror in pretty big and it will travel easily for a trip.

Overall I am happy that I got this palette and saved some money on it, that is always a win win.

I recommend checking this palette out next time you are in Ulta or Sephora.

Have you tried it yet?? Let me know?



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