Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Nars Fleur Fatale Palette Review and Swatches 

Who else was excited when they found out about the Nars X Erdem Collaboration.

Erdem is a well known fashion designer and artist; his floral prints are out of this world. 

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this collection.

Although this collection is extremely gorgeous, I only nabbed a few pieces which of coarse are my favorites!

They're are two shadow palettes in the collection; Fleur Fatale being my favorite.

I love the floral design on the box and the light gray hue of the compact is gorgeous.
All the packaging is this collection is the same gray hue as well.
Mythos , Thistle, Flourish
Belladonna, Daydream, Holly Hock

Fleur Fatale did not disappoint, all the shadows blend very easily and the colors work extremely well together and the pigmentation is great.

 The second palette on the other hand was not my cup of tea. The colors didn't seem to flow as well together in my opinion. 

This is a limited edition collection so if you want to get your hands on anything you better get them fast.

I highly recommend this palette and I will be showing you the rest of the goodies I picked up from this collection in the next week or so.

What do you think go the collection? 



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