Friday, April 20, 2018

Fenty Beauty Body Lava Luminizer in Brown Sugar and Who Needs Clothes?! Review & Swatches

When the video was debuted of Rhianna putting on what seemed to be the most gorgeous and magical looking body highlighter, body gloss on her shoulder, we all went nuts!! 

What is that??  Is it new?

It was Body Lava Luminizer by Fenty Beauty.  I know we all wanted it or were at the very least curious to see what it was. 

Here is what Sephora's website says about it

What it is:
"A limited-edition, gel-based body luminizer made to veil skin in a gloriously high-shine finish that feels as dewy as it looks—for sunlit radiance anytime you please.

What it does:
That post-vacay glow is now yours year-round thanks to Body Lava. This smooth, gel-based body luminizer glides on and leaves skin feeling dewy to the touch. Get ready to bathe your skin in a gloriously high-shine finish that does to your body what highlighter does to your cheekbones.

Celebrate the look and feel of glistening skin after a day of island hopping. Light-diffusing micropearls blended with a sheer tint of color accentuate all skin tones for a silky, sun-soaked sheen any time of the year. Strip down in Who Needs Clothes?!, a radiant rose gold, or glow up in Brown Sugar, a lustrous bronze ( exclusive). Delivered in a generously-sized bottle, Body Lava’s ultimate drenched-in-light radiance—plus its addictive floral vanilla scent—was born to dew your body right. "

Sounds pretty damn good to me!

 So once it was released I bought them both.  
I mean who doesn't want dewy and glistening skin right? 

Now to the nitty gritty details about the product.

Brown Sugar & Who Needs Clothes?!

Who Needs Clothes?!
Brown Sugar

The packaging and presentation is stunning and you get a whopping 3 oz. glass bottle with Rose Gold lid and pump. 

Presentation and packaging alone is a 10.

Now about the actual product itself, that is another story.

The formula is gel based with glitter, lots and lots of glitter! which is always good for a special event or if you want to reminisce about Twilight the movie and how beautiful Edward Cullen looked glistening in the sunlight.
 O.K. now that doesn't sound creepy at all.

You need a very tiny amount and I do mean the smallest amount of product because if you over apply this it will be super sticky. I can take a little tackiness but not sticky.  Plus if you apply it with your hands it will be a glittery mess and get everywhere.

I highly recommend a brush to apply it.

Overall I like it, it is a little tacky and it will be messy if you apply too much.
I don't love it, it is nothing new to the market that has not been done before.

I think Fenty Beauty could have made a better product without this being so messy.

Retail price is $59.00 which seems like a lot, and it is, don't get me wrong, but you do get a ton of product. 
 Shelf life is 12 months and I think it will take you a few years to get through a bottle unless you wear it everyday.

I prefer the shade Brown Sugar personally.  I also recommend to get it now if you want it, especially since Sephora is having their Spring VIB event. 

This product is definitely not for everyone.

So what are your thoughts?

Did you buy it or do you plan on buying it?



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