Monday, August 7, 2017

The Balm Highlight 'N Con Tour Palette Review and Swatches

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20db, 10db,  0db,  2db

Today I bring you The Balm Highlight 'N Con Tour palette, it has been on the market for several months now but since this is an all in one palette; I think it is a good back to school makeup option.

Although this is marketed as a highlight and contour palette,  you can easily use it as eyeshadow, contour, bronzer and blush as well for a quick neutral look on the go.

The formulation is pretty good and the powders are easy to blend.

I love the cute names and themes that The Balm always comes out with on their products.

Retail is $36.00, which is a great deal but this brand is on haute look every few months and a few times a year they have a 50% sale on their website. 
Which is the time I usually buy from them, unless it is something I really want to try.

I think this palette is a good value overall and is a great palette.

Have you tried it yet? 



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