Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lorac LA Palette Venice Beach Review and Swatches

Freckles, Canal , Boardwalk

Boho Beauty, Chill Vibes , Aviators.

Lorac recently launched several makeup palettes and one collection is called "L.A. Experience" which consist of 5 mini palettes named after cities and places within Los Angeles.

Here is what Lorac says about the collection;


California girls are more than unforgettable—they’re carefree chameleons, effortless style setters, and as diverse as Los Angeles landscapes. From shades that celebrate the glamour of Beverly Hills to hues that highlight Downtown L.A.’s burgeoning creative scene, Your L.A. Experience palettes bring the magic of L.A. to every woman.

I was drawn immediately to Malibu because of it's beautiful neutral and basic shades , but I already have so many shades like that in my makeup arsenal I really don't need anymore.

So I went with my second favorite which is Venice Beach!

Isn't the palette gorgeous?  I love every shade in the palette, only downside is no matte shades in Venice Beach and I think all the other palettes have a mixture of both. Not really a downside so much to me because shimmer is my jam.  

Although I know some go you would prefer a matte or two in the palette.

Retail is $24.00 which is really reasonable.

I got mine at Ulta a few weeks ago and used a coupon.  Score!!

Have you seen these yet?? Will you be picking any up? Let me know if you do.



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