Thursday, October 13, 2016

Smashbox Light It Up L.A. Lights Blush Mega Palette Review and Swatches

Look how gorgeous this palette is! I love the huge mirror in the palette too!

Look how adorable the front of the box is? It looks just like the actual blushes inside, just without the names.

Rich Coral, True Coral, Highlight Coral

Rich Berry , True Pink Berry, Highlight Berry

Rich Bronze, True Flush, Highlight Gold

Last week while shopping at Ulta I came across this beauty!

The NEW Smashbox Light it up L.A. Lights  Blush Mega palette.

This palette is huge and you get a full size mirror in the palette which is a total bonus!

I mean seriously we have all bought a blush palette at some point with a tiny mirror inside that are basically is useless.

I am so happy with this purchase.  

 All the blush colors have excellent pigmentation and blend very well.

The highlighters are not BAM in your face highlighters and I really like the subtleness of them.

I mean for only $39.00 this is such a great deal!

It won't be the most travel friendly blush palette in your stash but you can easily fit in a carry on and the black sleek compact makes it easy to store.

It comes in a bulky container that is reusable to store other items in, which I totally love and love the neon color.

Why I have not seen anyone talk about this yet??

Hands down one of my new favorite blush palettes so far this season.

I have seen and purchased other blush sets from different brands, but the quality is not consistent in those other palettes.

The quality is very good and consistent with this set!!!

I highly recommend this and can't say enough good things about it, if you couldn't tell already.

I believe this is an Ulta Exclusive , at least when I post this it is.



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