Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Maybelline The Loaded Bolds Lip Color Review and Swatches

Maybelline New York has released a new collection called "The Loaded Bolds" color collection.

The collection has 20 colors in total and has a wide variety of colors from white, neutrals, berries, reds and blues and one black color.

This is such a fun collection especially for a drugstore product.

Retail varies from $5.49 to $7.49 depending where you buy it from.

Mauve it, Berry Bossy, Violet Vixen, Sapphire Siren
direct sun

I am really impressed with the formula, these are a matte formula but they apply so creamy on the lips and look creamy on the lips as well.

You know how some matte formulas end up looking very dry on your lips, these do not.

They all performed very well with the exception of Sapphire Siren.
While it did perform good the color was not opaque and needed to be built up.

I am happy with all the colors I got and Sapphire Blue was just a fun color to buy.

You don't usually see white, blues and blacks in drugstore makeup unless it is around Halloween time.

I highly recommend this formula.

With the array of colors they have in this collection there is definitely a color for everyone.



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