Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Lipstick in Lacrimosa Review and Swatch

I have heard about Lunatick Cosmetic Labs before but never really thought about trying anything from the brand. 

That is until I saw the most fabulous picture of someone wearing this specific color on Instagram.

OMG!! This color is so gorgeous and complex looking. 

Love the black little bullet tube that the lipstick comes in and the it came wrapped in black tissue paper with colored glitter , I thought that was a nice touch.
The box is cute too but my issue is the shipping cost.
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Lacrimosa is such a gorgeous color on its own but it also looks just as good as a topper on any other lipstick shade.

It does have glitter flecks in it and yes it travels a bit which is a bummer and the formula is little dry in my opinion.

Retail is $15.00 which is reasonable but shipping was $6.00, which is outrages in my opinion for one little lipstick.
It could easily be shipped in a first class envelope in bubble wrap for much cheaper.  

I still love the color and I would recommend this because it is limited edition.
 I won't order from them again unless the product is as fabulous looking as Lacrimosa or the shipping cost comes down.

Again it's the high shipping price that I dislike overall.



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