Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Maybelline Master Prime Eyeshadow Base Review and Swatches

I was pretty excited when I saw the display on the shelf  at Bed, Bath and Beyond a few weeks back. 

They had three different colors and formulas.

I got two of them ( Smooth and Illuminate) the third one was a bit too dark so I skipped it.

Initially I thought I would love illuminate , because…...just look at the color. 

It is a gorgeous metallic champagne taupe color. 

Surprisingly illuminate creased pretty quickly on me and the color just seemed to blend in eventually , I felt like I needed a base for this particular primer. Which is a bummer :(

Smooth & Illuminate

Next up I tried Smooth and it did brighten up my lids and seemed promising at first but didn't seem to make my shadows last any longer than if I had worn them without a primer nor did it make them go on smoother.

I do have oily lids so maybe this was a factor but both of these did not perform well on me.

Retail is $6.49 each.

I debated on keeping illuminate because the color is darn pretty but I can buy a metallic shadow for around the same price ( Makeup Geek or the New L'Oreal Les Monos

I ended up returning both of them.

Have any of you tried this?? I would love to know if they worked for you.



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