Monday, January 18, 2016

Kate Spade Wellesley Cabaret Pink Planner Review

For several years besides my passion for makeup and beauty products, I also have a love for planners and scrapbooking.

Here is the newest one added to my collection.

If you didn't know Kate Spade planners in pink, purple, orange and green are selling for outrageously high prices on eBay. I mean like $400 plus.  It is ridiculously insane.

People are actually paying the high prices for them too.  

Those colors are limited edition but still the prices are insane.

Anyway I have been after a pink one for over a year and half but would never pay those prices.

Fast forward to now,  Kate Spade just released a new one for 2016 in Cabaret Pink and she is a beauty!!

These are sold at Kate Spade outlets only and are selling out fast and are becoming hard to find already.

I love this one so much!! It is a beautiful shade of pink.

I love that you can also use this a card holder/Wallet, if you like bigger wallets.

The pen in the picture is part of the Paper Chase collab with Target.

It matches perfect too.

Did I mention how much I love pink :)  

Pink is my signature color!

I highly suggest if you want this planner you get the closest Kate Spade outlet asap.

Unfortunately they won't ship or take phone orders unless you are physically in a Kate Spade store and the sales person has to do it for you.



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