Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cover Girl Oh Sugar! LipBalms in Caramel and Taffy Review and Swatches

Cover Girl just launched their " Oh Sugar!" lipstick / lip balms recently.

It was buzzed around the beauty world that these are suppose to be a drugstore dupe for the high end Fresh sugar lip treatments.

So are they??? Check below…...

I think they have a funky smell to them , like cola scented lip balms, remember those little cheap ones when you were a little kid.  

I thought Taffy would be pinker since the cap is. To my surprise it is actually more pigmented than Caramel which I thought would show up more and be the darker of the two shades.

So are these as good as Fresh Sugar or similar?   No , definitely not.  

I like that these are in the shape of a lipstick bullet for more precise application but the formula is not at all like Fresh sugar treatment ones. 

These do claim to be vitamin infused so who knows.

Overall these are nice but nothing special so you don't need to run out and get them.

Retail is $6.49.



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