Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hakuho-do Sephora Pro Brush set

As a beauty blogger and a makeup junkie I have so many makeup brushes , that I really don't need to add anymore in my collection.

Do any of us? Hmmm probably not.

I had been admiring these brushes since Hakuho-do and Sephora collaborated on a more budget and consumer friendly line of synthetic brushes.

I finally decided that Sephora's Friends and Family sale back in late October was the perfect time to try them.

These were totally worth the splurge for me!! I love the quality of them and they are super soft and are some of the best synthetic brushes I have ever tried.

If you are a makeup junkie and love brushes this set is for you!!

Looking to buy the makeup lover in your life a good quality brush set for the Holidays this set is perfect.

This is a more luxurious gift so keep that in mind.

I was hoping the box would be high quality but nope, just cheap cardboard which was kind of a bummer.

I still highly recommend this brush set.



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