Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lush Shark Fin Soap

Did you all get ready for Shark week?

Ya I know I am a little late to post this, but you can still buy these from Lush while supplies last.

A refreshing soap with ingredients from the sea
"Did you know that every year up to 100 million sharks are needlessly killed for shark fin soup? Take a bite out of shark finning with our limited edition sea-inspired soap! Created for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, its softening seaweed, scrubby fine sea salt and zesty lime oil make it a refreshing way to cool down this summer. 100% of the price of this soap will be donated to grassroots organizations dedicated to the protection and conservation of sharks. Now you can swim with the sharks and help protect them, too!"
The price is only $5.95 a bar and C'mom these are freaking just too adorable.
Don't worry the fin is a little piece of paper. 
I believe these are out of stock online already but you can still find them in store.

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