Monday, February 2, 2015

Imats Haul 2015 and Experience

Here is the damage! Not too bad ;)

Here are my prizes….

These brushes are so amazing! Review coming soon

I have not been to Imats L.A in about 2 years or so (since they changed the date to January);  whenever that was. 

I stopped going because it just became a You Tube fest for the most part. Too many young kids started going and it got way too packed; you could barely walk.  

It was quite annoying to be honest.

This year they changed some rules and jacked up ticket prices which sucked. 

 Although I was happy with the new age restriction rule, I was not happy with the ticket prices being raised.

I decided months ago that I was not going due to previous years experience.  As it got closer to the date, I changed my mind and wanted to go but didn't want to pay the extra money.

Long story short, I was fortunate and won Royal & Langnickel's Instagram contest.  The prize was Imats tickets for two and a goodie bag (very thankful).

I must say this year was so much better than the years before.

 I love the new age limit of 17 and older.
  Hell it should be 18 and older :) 

 I did see some youngsters that clearly were not 17 but not many.

I went Saturday and it was not crazy busy,  you could actually walk around and not bump into people every 10 seconds. 

I didn't go crazy on the spending either, I went with specific items in mind and basically stuck to it for the most part. 

I will be doing separate reviews for all the goodies I got. 

My largest purchase was from Anastasia Beverly Hills so check out the review here if you haven't already.

I would love to hear your Imats experience if you have ever been before?



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