Friday, January 2, 2015

NYX Wonder Stick Highlight and Contour Stick Review and Swatches

Top to Bottom- Light , Medium/Tan and Deep

Light,  Medium/Tan,  Universal,  Deep 
Light and Medium have Vegas Nay on the box
Deep has Makeup by Shayla 

These NYX Wonder Sticks (highlight and contour stick) have recently hit the shelves at Ulta stores, and are most likely sold out at most already. The display only comes with three of each shade.

I picked up light first because that was the only shade they had left.  

Light is the only one out of all four shades that has a taupe color contour, the rest have a brown shade.

The only difference that I can tell between medium/tan and universal is that universal has a pearl highlighter (shimmer) and medium/tan has a matte color, but the contour shades are basically identical.

I found medium/tan and deep a few days later at an Ulta store not in my area (these were also the last two).

I now have light, medium/tan and deep. I skipped out on the universal shade because I don't like the pearl shimmer highlight side. 

Surprisingly I like the taupe color in light and prefer it over the brown shades as a contour. 

I think NYX should have made different shades of taupe instead of the brown. 

Retail is $11.99, but I did use the $3.50 off coupon on all three individually (just make separate purchases on each one).

So far they seem pretty good and I like them.

Have you seen these yet?



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