Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rimmel Provocalips Lip Color Review and Swatches

Kiss Fatal. Little Minx, Play with Fire

Rimmel Provocalips are a total game changer for the 2 in 1 lip stains on the market and even lip stains in general.

These are suppost to be fool proof , transfer proof and of coarse kiss proof. 

After testing these for a week , I can honestly say these are exactly that!!

The color payoff is fabulous and the staying power ( mama ain't playing ) is insanely good.

I recommend you exfoliate your lips first.

These are supposed to be 16 hour wear ,  I got at least 8 hours of wear with absolutely no fading ( thats with eating and drinking too).

After that I did notice a little fading and tiny crumbling ( like most lip stains do). But again it was very minimal.

The clear gloss side does have a fruity taste to it but not that bad.

The formula is a little runny so apply lightly because once these dry you are stuck , you can always apply more.

If you apply too much you will feel a little film on your lips. 

Less is more :)

My lips didn't feel dry after wearing these either.

Be warned , these are a mother trucker to remove. Which is good and bad.

I personally use a lip scrub with olive oil to remove these.

I got mine at Walgreens for $6.99 and I had an $1.00 off coupon for each for one.

These are well worth the money and totally worth buying.

The packaging is so cute too.

Let me know if you have tried these yet??



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