Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Small Fall Haul of Home Decor / October 2014

Wow, this year has flown by! 

October is here and I love Fall , the weather gets a little cooler ( I live in CA so we don't get the full fall effect like the midwest and east coast do) , the leaves changing color and pumpkins everywhere.

Here are just a few little things I recently picked up.

I love crafts and homemade items, so recently we went out of town for my son's soccer game and came across a little craft store of all handmade items.
So YES , I had to look!

I picked up the two stuffed pumpkins (pictured above) , those are real pumpkin stems on them too.

The candle holders and candles are from Bath and Body Works.

Green apple orchard candle smells AMAZING!! I also picked the limited edition three scent fall candle and Vanilla pumpkin marshmallow which is not pictured. 

I will be getting lots more decorations too. 

What is your favorite season?? 



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