Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners Fall 2014 Limited Edition Review and Swatches

Enchanted Emerald

Enchanted Lapis

Enchanted Black Opal

Milani has come out with three *New* Limited Edition Constellation gel eye liners.

Which are all the buzz in the beauty community and blogoshpere.

I tracked these down at my local Walgreens for $5.19 each.  

I must say these are gorgeous and come with a functional brush , many products come with cheapy little brushes but this one actually works pretty well.

Are you all star gazed by the beauty of the prismatic colors yet??

I was hoping these would perform as good as they looked, but sad to report they do not.

The texture is smooth , great pigmentation  and creamy which is supposed to be a good thing , right?  Well not in this case.

They take some time to dry, too long actually and seem like they never really dry completely.

I tried thick lines, thin lines and both failed to dry completely. They smear like a mofo too.

Not to mention glitter fallout. 

I am a fan of Milani but these liners fall short.

Did any of you pick these up?? I would love to know your thoughts.



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