Friday, August 22, 2014

BeautyCon 2014 / My thoughts and Experience

BeautyCon merchandise Booth

This was basically why I went to BeautyCon to see this panel

 Me and my girl Lizzy from whatwouldlizzydo

Shea Moisture displaying their products and makeup line

Beauty Con L.A. was held this past Saturday August 16th 2014.

This was my second year in attendance and BeautyCon's second year in L.A.

I had high expectations for this year , and was sadly a bit disappointed.

There were too many tweens in attendance this year , like really young girls. They would see some big You Tuber and be following in swarms and knocking into people.  I seen this happens several times.

It was really annoying. 

They had security who were very rude to some adults in attendance, I seen this first hand. (Not chaperones either)  I saw no security trying to get these swarms of young girls under control.  I only saw this in two instances.

I have several friends who had got talent passes but they basically stayed in the talent lounge most of the time. Which was a bummer because I missed many of them but on the same note I can't blame them either. Since it was swarmed with so many youngsters.

I keep hearing from people who attended the New York BeautyCon that it was more layed back and they had more talent in the room versus hiding out the in NYX lounge.

They had several more vendors this year , some selling product and some giving away product.

I hope BeautyCon will make more improvements next year and maybe have a 18 and older area and not so much a talent a lounge. 

Did any of you attend?? I would love to know your thoughts?



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