Friday, July 25, 2014

Saucebox Etude Palette Review and Swatches

Snowflake, Beaming, Biscotti, Chocolate

Caramel, Toffee , Almond, Cream Dream

I have heard really good things about Saucebox cosmetics in the past, so when I seen them at Phamexpo I decided to take a look.

I really like the pigmentation on this palette and the colors are all matte which is nice.

Some of the shadow names don't really match with the color; Toffee of instance is black so why they named it Toffee , I don't know. 

I took the pictures in direct sunlight so they look a bit washed out. 

The colors apply smoothly and are very blendable. 

Retail for the palette is $50.00. 

Each shadow is 4.5 grams so they will last you awhile.

I will definitely buy from them next time I am at a trade show.

You can buy from them online, but I prefer show prices better.

Have you heard of them before?? 



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