Tuesday, June 24, 2014

PHAMExpo June 28th and June 29th

Learn from the Pros!  PHAMExpo Offers Master Classes 
in Hair, Makeup and the Creative Process

Top industry professionals to reveal secrets of the trade at Professional Hair & Makeup Show on June 28th and 29th
(Pasadena, CA) - The ultimate, two-day beauty event, PHAMExpo, delivers an unequaled opportunity to explore the latest products and techniques across every category in the industry and attend Master Classes to propel careers and imaginations to the next level.  2014 Master Classes include: 

Saturday, June 28th, 10:30a.m.-1:00p.m.  -   Kelly Peach, High Fashion Hair
In this class Kelly will teach multiple hair styling techniques that will help individuals feel confident on a photo shoot or back stage at a fashion show,  how to pack your hair kit, easy tips to work quick on set and all the ins and outs of the onset and backstage world.  She will also give great tips on how to build a portfolio and website as well as branding.  Overall, this class will provide the knowledge that Kelly has learned over her many years as professional hair stylist.  
Class size: Limited to 25 students max
What to bring: A Model, Flat Iron, Blow Dryer and Nozzle, Section Clips, Tail Comb, Curling Iron (1/2 inch), Flat Brush, Cape and Water Bottle
Cost: $275
*All participants will receive a bottle of Impermeable Oribe and Dry Oribe valued at ($81) and (2) VIP Two Day Passes to PHAMExpo ($180) for you and your model, (total value is $261).

Saturday, June 28th, 1:30p.m.-4:30p.m.  -   Todd McIntosh, Hollywood Period Beauty
Two-time Emmy Award winner, Todd McIntosh, will cover the evolution of the Hollywood makeup looks. This class will give an overview of how various 'looks' are associated with the decades when the Hollywood stars were at their height and the old studio system was still in existence. The audience will choose two decades for which Mr. McIntosh will demonstrate the makeup application.  In part two of this class, attendees will create a Hollywood beauty makeup - decade of their choice - on the participant's models.
Class size: Limited to 25 students max
What to bring: A Model, Makeup Kit and Cape
Cost: $295
*All participants will received (2) VIP Two Day Passes to PHAMExpo ($180) for you and your model

Sunday, June 29th, 10:30a.m.-1:00p.m.  -   Kelley Baker, Flawless Eyebrows
Kelley will teach the foundational skills needed to assess and execute flawless eyebrows.  She will touch on the basics - from learning the best shape for your face to insider tricks, such as creating an arch and disguising imperfections.  Baker's no-nonsense approach to brows will simplify regimes and beautify bows with mistake-proof products and skilled tricks of the trim.
Class size: Limited to 50 students maximum
What to bring: NO supplies or models are needed for this master class
Cost: $325
*All participants will receive a custom KelleyBakerBrows eyebrow kit valued at ($145) and a VIP Two Day pass to PHAMExpo ($90 value).

Sunday, June 29th, 11:00a.m.-3:00p.m.  -   Richard Radstone, Creative MindCamp
In this roll-up-your-sleeves and get thinking Master Class attendees will emerge with a better understanding of not only WHAT they create, but better yet, a deeper connection to WHY they create. With plus 25 years of advertising and beauty experience, upheld by his love for people, education and documentary production, Richard's perspective on the creative process (and how society influences us) will provide the tools to find and/or strengthen the creative voice.
Class size:  Limited to 50 students max
What to bring: Small kit or other field tools applicable to your craft. Whether you are a make-up artist, hair stylist, creative director, photographer, director, writer or... whatever, this class is for you
Cost: $85 
*All participants will receive a VIP Two Day pass to PHAMExpo ($90 value)

Sunday, June 29th, 11:30a.m.-3:30p.m.  -   Erica Carr, Making it BIG in the Bridal Business
Globetrotting wedding stylist Erica Carr will share her insider secrets to becoming a seriously BIG deal in the wedding industry.  This class will detail both the business and technical skills required in the bridal business.   For the business portion, Erica will provide concrete tips on everything from establishing booking policies and day rates to maximizing bridal beauty dollars, pleasing even the pickiest clients, how and why to cultivate vendor relationships, booking destination weddings, hiring assistants and more.  During the technical portion of the class, she'll demonstrate both traditional and decidedly non-traditional bridal hair styling and makeup applications, with a focus on body makeup and modern head pieces designed to carry today's bride fashion-forward.
Class size: Limited to 25 students max
What to bring: A basic makeup and hair kit, Model with hair below shoulders, Curling Iron, Hair Pins, Rubber Bands, Working Flexible Hair Spray, Cape, Water Bottle, Power Strip and Note Taking Materials
Cost: $350 
*All participants will received (2) VIP Two Day Passes to PHAMExpo ($180) for you and your model.

Sunday, June 29th, 1:30p.m.-4:30p.m.  -   Donna Mee, Industry Light Bulb Moments
In this class, Donna will give insight on how the industry truly works, its many unspoken rules, and a plethora of other imperative details.  Attendees will discover many major as well as small details that will change the way they deal with everyday, common circumstances in the industry.  This new insight will allow artists to react differently to daily situations resulting in a more positive outcome that can snowball into success.
Class size: Limited to 100 students max
What to bring:  Note taking materials
Cost: $295  
*All participants will receive a VIP Two Day Passes to PHAMExpo ($90) and $100 off Donna Mee's upcoming 3-Day Achieving Career Success Workshop or $75 off a workshop of choice

To find out more information and purchase tickets for PHAMExpo Master Classes, visitwww.phamexpo.com/store.
PHAMExpo June 28 from 8:30 am-5 pm and Sunday, June 29 from 10 am-5 pm at the Pasadena Convention Center located at 300 Green Street, Pasadena, CA.  Tickets are priced from $45- 65.  More details on speakers, educators, vendors and special events are at www.phamexpo.com or on Facebook @PHAMExpo.

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