Tuesday, June 3, 2014

NYX Cosmetics Macaron Lippie Swatches

Key Lime, Orange Blossom,  Rose,  Blue Velvet, Violet,  Pistachio

Citron, Earl Grey, Lavender, Black Sesame,  Coconut,  Chambord 

NYX Cosmetics came out with a new line of Lippies (lipsticks) in bright, bold colors a few months back.  The collection is called "Macaron".

I have seen them around the blogosphere the past several weeks. 

I wanted to wait and see them in person to choose which colors I liked best.

I got Rose, Violet and Lavender.  Although I didn't get Blue Velvet, that color really has me lemming after it.
 Even though it isn't an everyday color by any means, it might be fun to rock it for special events.

Retail is $5.99

What do you think of the collection?



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