Saturday, April 12, 2014

L'Occitane Haul and Shopping with friends


Here is the $3.00 Facebook special 

All this for $20 with a purchase

 A few weeks ago a few of us beauty bloggers from all different parts of the bay area got together for some lunch and shopping.

First stop was L'Occitane to redeem our $3.00 Facebook coupon we all had.  As you probably already know we all got a few more items to try out too.

I have used L'Occitane shea butter products since my kids were small, when we lived in the mid west for a few years and the cold weather was no good for their baby skin.  Shea butter was a life saver back then.

Now they have so different products in their line , luckily you can test most products in store. 

I picked up the shea butter ultra soft cream in rose scent ( which is odd because I am not a big fan of rose scented products) but the scent is very light.  Not gonna lie I love the hot pink tin it comes in too. 
I also picked up the new almond hand and foot cream combo they were having a special on.

I am loving all the products I got so far , especially the almond foot and leg cream it has peppermint and essential oils and gives a cooling effect once applied.