Monday, March 24, 2014

Nars Matte Mutiple in ANGUILLA and LAOS Swatches




Look how you get half the size of the new ones compared to the old, not to mention you pay the same too.

Nars has released 7 New matte multiple sticks.

I picked up two at The Make Show L.A. a few weeks back. 

The only colors I liked are Anguilla and Laos. They have 3 bronzers as well, but I have the bronzer in Malaysia from the line and love it. 

I love the colors but I am disappointed how little product you get for the price.

A whopping $39.00!  Umm , yes it is a bit of a rip off.

You can see my beloved Malaysia bronzer from a few years back compared to the new ones.

Look at the size difference! 

I do like the multiples but would not purchase anymore going forward unless I get them at a trade show at discount or Sephora's VIB sale.

What do you all think of the product?