Sunday, January 19, 2014

Revlon Photography SkinLights in Bronze Light and Peach Light Review and Swatches

Peach Light & Bronze Light

Revlon re-launched their Skin Lights a few months back.

I have never tried the original formula that was previously on the market so I can't say how these compare.

I have been using these for the past few months on and off. 

I prefer to mix these in with my moisturizer or foundation. 

They give a nice subtle glow without too much shimmer.  

The Twilight phase is over, so sparkling like the Cullen's is not a very good look and probably never was.

Let's all admit Edward did look good shimmering in the sunlight, oops my mind is wondering off topic.

I only bought two because I got them on a bogo sale and had also had coupons.  Plus I hate missing out on a good sale. 

Retail is around $12.99,  but I think that is a bit steep and would wait for a sale if you wanted to try these.

Bottom Line: Nice drug store product, but buy it on sale :)