Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Michael Kors Lip Luster Holiday Set

All photos taken in direct sunlight

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I missed the boat when Michael Kors first released his beauty products at Macy's.

I don't know why but the Michael Kors makeup line didn't interest me much when it came out.

Fast forward to last week , while browsing Macy's I came across some Michael Kors holiday sets. 
So I started looking at them , while they seemed like pretty good deals this set was $48.00 which is a good deal considering Retail is $24.00 for each individual lip gloss.  ( $72.00 Value)


These are on sale right now for $25.00 a set , YES you read that correctly $25.00 for all 3. 
Basically that is $8.33 a gloss so HELLO……….. I had to jump on that deal.

They are pretty good , especially for $8.33 a piece I am not complaining.

I personally would not shell out $24.00 for a MK gloss.

You should hurry and take a peek at your local Macy's to see if they have them in stock :)

Happy Shopping Everyone.