Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lorac Rockin' Red Hot 3D Liquid Luster Set

Are you ready to Rock Lorac Rockin' Red Hot liquid lusters on your eyes this holiday season!!

I think these are so fun to add a little spice and shimmer to any old makeup look.

I own the silver and gold from last year but this set have three exclusive new colors, and they are fantabulous and fun.

I love the Platinum to add a pop to a boring taupe colored eye look.

Amethyst is gorgeous too ,  I prefer to lay these down as a base color (use a primer) and use my eyeshadows over them.   They dry in no time so don't worry , you won't have a shadowy mess.

Retail is $28.00 for all four colors and what a deal that is!

I was lucky enough to use my pro discount at Naimies and it made it a even more awesome deal.

Naimies does phone orders and shipping is pretty reasonable. 

You can also purchase these directly from the Lorac website as well.