Sunday, October 27, 2013

Revlon Limited Edition Invite Only & Provocative Lip Butter Review and Swatches

Provocative / Invite Only

 After being on the hunt for these Revlon limited edition lip butters for over a month and a half, I finally found them at a CVS store.

I have seen the display at a few drug stores and there is only one of each of these colors on the display and are always sold out, which sucks if you are on the hunt for these and live in a large city. 

The good news is that these are a bit of a gimmick in my opinion and don't show any color at all but maybe a hint of color if your lips hit the light a certain way.

I do love lip butters but you can totally pass on these ones, even though they are limited edition.

You don't need these :)

These are pretty cool looking in the tube, but that is about it.