Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Laura Mercier Artist 2 palette VS. Laura Mercier Artist 1 palette Swatches and Review

Laura Mercier has released a new Artist Palette for the second year in a row , I believe it is a Sephora Exclusive.
I loved last year's palette so I was excited to see her releasing a new one this year!

Now let's compare the new palette which is on top, and last years palette which is on bottom in all the picture below.

2013 Artist Palette

2012 Artist Palette

Here are the differences.

 I like the formula on both palettes.  They are both buttery soft and have fall out, but not very much.

The 2013 palette has more purple and cool toned colors, where as the original palette has more variety of both cool and warm tones.

I like how the 2013 palette has the colors arranged lightest to darkest shades,  as opposed to last year's, which is all over the place.

However, I actually like how the 2012 palette is arranged better because it has the shimmers all on the top row and mattes on the bottom row.  The 2013 palette has shimmers and mattes interspersed amongst each other.

I don't like that the 2013 palette has 4 of the same colors that were in last years palette, so you are only getting 8 new shades instead of 12.

The new palette does give you more matte shadows;  last year's had 6 shimmer and 6 matte, and this year's has 7 matte and 5 shimmer.

Overall: You don't need both, unless you are a makeup hoarder like me.