Friday, September 6, 2013

EM by Michelle Phan Beach Life Palette / The Life Palette Review andSwatches

Michelle Phan launched her first makeup line a few weeks back, so of coarse the beauty addict in me had to try it!

 It seems like they put a lot of time and effort to make the outside packaging look cute; which it does, but most of us throw the packaging away.

The palette feels sturdy and I love the clear embossing on top of the actual plastic lid with all the different words.

It comes with a double sided brush which is not the best quality and a dotting tool to get the pans out easily so you can refill them and mix and match colors.

This palette is by no means travel friendly which I believe it is not meant to be,  that is why you get a little on the go empty palette to fill it with your favorite colors and it also has a large mirror which makes it perfect for travel.

My second favorite , blush is really pigmented. the two lightest shadows are not that pigmented.
Look 1/ Cabana Party
The gold has horrible pigmentation on this one.

Look 3 / Sunshine Lover

These ones are my favorite shadows but the worst lip products

Look 4 / Poolside

Shadow colors 4 and 5 are not very pigmented.

Look 2 / Summer Getaway

  Let's get onto the colors, which are very pretty I must say, but my favorite items in the palette are the blushes , all four of them have good pigmentation. 

I had to do between 2 and 4 swipes for the color to show on about half of the shadows I would say ,  I found these easier to apply with my fingers then a actual  eyeshadow brush. 
Which I do not prefer.

It is my understanding the reasoning behind the high price tag of $75.00 is because this is suppose to be a higher end product  and brand, that being said I don't feel the quality is high end.

I think of Giorgio Armani , Chanel,  Burberry, Dior , etc  when I think of high end makeup brands and superb quality which we as consumers pay for and expect from high end brands.

The quality is not superb in my opinion, although the pigmentation is good on many of the colors but not on all of the colors and definitely does not warrant the $75.00 price tag.

I own several high end shadows, quads , quints and this does not compare in quality at all.

I assume these are being marketed towards young adults and teens and I personally would not buy my teenage daughter a palette with this kind of a price tag if the quality was not great. 

You get very little lip color in the pans, which again is ok with me because I am not a fan of lip and eye products being in one palette together, but I'm sure this a selling point to many others.

It also says that they do not do animal testing on this particular makeup line , HELLO!?!?! ,  L'Oreal does test on animals, so please explain that one to me.

Bottom Line: Not worth $75.00

I have bought a few other items from the EM line and I am really liking them and will share in the next week or so.