Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PHAMExpo 2013 / My experience

Meeting Scott Barnes hands down was the best part of Phamexpo

Sugar Pill Pro Palette!!

Beauty Mark 

Crystal Powder the amazingly talented creator of Paw Palette

Finger Palettes

Enkore Makeup Soap
Queen of Blending , myself and Shrinkle!
Violet Voss glitters

Yaby Cosmetics

Elessa Jade jewelry 

PHAMExpo was held over this past weekend June 29 and 30 in Pasadena, California.

This was their first year and I think it was great!! It was busy but not crowded like Imats.

I feel like Imats is turning into a YouTube convention and that is unfortunate. 
Don't get me wrong I do love meeting and have met in the past some really awesome You Tubers but it just draws in a different crowd now, I feel that Imats is changing focus and again it is unfortunate.

I really prefer PHAMExpo over Imats now, although I do wish they had more vendors but for being the first time it was still good. They still had lots of great vendors, the discounts from certain vendors were not as steep as I have seen at other shows. 

I did a little too much damage there but it was worth it. My big splurge this show was Sugar Pill and The Original Beauty Box and I was able to meet the owner :)

The best part and highlight of the weekend was meeting Scott Barnes! (he had a book signing) I have followed is career for years and still own products from his old makeup line, he's coming out with new stuff!! Woo Hoo!

They had a photo booth and that was cool and a Blogger meet up area which was pretty neat and a Vip/Pro lounge area with free goodies and snacks and candy. 

I have tons more pictures and plan to do a haul but I will do a different post for that.

Thank you PHAMExpo and Cheryl for letting me attend and having such a great experience.



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