Thursday, July 11, 2013

Laura Mercier Magical Baked Eye Color from her Dark Spell Collection

white / black/mixed ( dry)
white / black/mixed ( wet)

 When I first saw the promo for the new Laura Mercier Dark Spell collection I was very intrigued by this particular shadow.

I only bought Spellbound highlighter and Magical from the collection. The green Bewitched nail color I might go back for though.

I love how they put both white and black together in the shadow but now that I have it and swatched it, sadly it isn't magical for me. (Yes! pun intended)

I have too many similar shades and although I love the concept of the colors together I just don't think it is something you need to run out a get.

Magical does have some fallout and the colors eventually mix together and make the grey shade.

Which is nice color but again nothing special but a cool design.

Bottom line: check it out in person if you want it and see what you think??

I do on the other hand highly recommend Spellbound highlighter :)



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