Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Target Beauty Box

 I had this waiting for me when I got back from my Las Vegas vacation, ( which was freakin amazing, my trip I mean )

I seriously forgot about it because I bought it a few months ago for $5.00 , yes that is right $5.00 bucks!

I believe this is the first time Target has had these " Beauty Box by Target " for purchase, they used to give a little bag away with samples and coupons in the past for free.

This was limited edition as well as the free ones the use to have in the past.

Ok now on to the deats of what the goodies are:

Fekkai glossing cream 2.0 oz. ( Deluxe size )

Gillette Venus & Olay razor  ( Full size  )

Sally Hanson salon effects nail polish strips ( Full size )

La Roche-Posey acne treatment sample and L'Oreal Magic skin B.B. cream in light.

In all honesty I will only use the Fekkai glossing cream and Gillette Razor , but those two products combined are worth about $20.00 bucks tax included.

Overall:  GREAT DEAL!! I definitely recommend you buy one next time they come around.



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