Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rimmel London Apocalips/Show Off Lip Lacquer Swatches and Review

Nude Eclipse, Stargazer , Luna , Comet, Celestial, Light Year , Solstice

Out of this World, Nova, Galaxy, Aurora, Stellar, Big Bang, Apocaliptic

 I have been on the hunt for these babies as soon as I got word they were coming to the U.S.

I found them at my local Walgreens and yes I bought all 14 colors because the display only had 2 of each color and the display also says "Walgreen Exclusive",  I assume only they will be carrying them for now and I believe Drugstore online is too but it is Walgreens sister company. 

Most of these have amazing staying power and glide on the lips.  I feel some of the colors are too light for me and didn't stay on for very long.

Luna looked promising as a keeper but unfortunately it didn't apply evening on my lips :( 

Out of this world, Stargazer and Galaxy are the only ones that have shimmer in this collection so the pigmentation isn't as great as the rest and they don't seem to last as long with the exception of Nova which is really pigmented.

The whole bottom row of swatches are my favorites excluding Out of this world. ( They are super bright and bold colors)

They are fruity scented too, but not overpowering.

Retail is $4.99 but I was able to use $1.00 off coupon on each lip lacquer :)

The swatches were taken in direct sunlight.

So what colors are you getting?? I would love to know :)



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  1. Thank you for all 14 swatches!

    I really like Stellar and Apocaliptic! ^^