Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow Delicatesse Swatches and Review

Delicatesse Quadra and my decorative sunnies I made :)

You can see the duo chrome in the a few shades 

Say Hello to the newest addition to my Chanel collection; the Delicatesse quadra from their fall 2013 collection, I know it is only June but they can come out whenever they want I suppose.
Oh my Gawd she is so lovely!

Delicatesse quadra doesn't disappoint, all the shadows are creamy and smooth , no fall out what so ever. 
I know some Chanel quads are hit and miss but this one is definite hit!!

I certainly don't think these are fall colors except maybe for the darkest shade but make no mistake this is wearable now.

I love the duo chrome in a few of the shades.

I purchased mine from directly.

This will set you back around $60.00 dollars but worth every penny.



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