Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dior Nude Skin Paradise Duo in Coral Glow 002

 This Year Dior has two new bronzer/blush duos for summer 2013. 

They are called Dior Skin Nude Tan Paradise duo in Pink Glow 001 and Coral Glow 002. I picked Coral glow for my skin tone.

The bronzer on it's own is a little on the orange side but the coral blush is stunning, it is more a pinky coral as opposed to true coral and when mixed together it makes into a whole different dimension of coral.

I love it and highly recommend you take a look if interested. 

Retail is $56.00 and they are limited edition.

It also comes with a mini kabuki brush which is actually pretty good , not a cheap flimsy freebie brush like some sets include.



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