Monday, April 8, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo Summer 2013 Collection

Lavish Lavender , Cool Crush , Icy Mint

Seashore Frost , Shades of White , Shady Shores ( love all of them)

all have Limited Edition labels on sides
I highly recommend all three on the bottom
I had to swatch it so you can see the duo chrome, it shifts to pink  to green to lavender depending how the light hits it ( I bet this will be the most coveted color of the collection)

You can see the gold , green duo chrome color! Love it

Bottom Row ( Must haves)

  Maybelline has done it again , they have just come out with 6 new colors for summer 2013....but wait there is more.

Duo-Chromes!!! YES!!!  Well actually I can only tell with 3 of them but all the colors are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

These are so hard to catch the duo chrome in the pots and I know the white and yellow look scary in the picture , but trust me they are indeed both duo chromes and look completely different on your eyes.

You know the makeup hoarder in me had to buy all six colors , but my 3 must haves are Seashore Frost, Shades of White and Shady Shores.

I got mine at Bed , Bath and Beyond for $4.99 each.

Bad news is the display only has 3 of each color.  So you should get them quick if you you want any of them, RUN....Don't walk.

They only had one set left on the display at my store , no I didn't buy two sets either.



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  1. these look amazing! I'll have to get a couple when I see them!