Thursday, February 14, 2013

Flower Beauty Lipgloss Review and Swatches

Baby's Breath, Pretty in Petunia, Iris I could Fly

Flower Beauty is a new line from Drew Barrymore that is exclusive to Walmart.

It claims to be high end quality but not high end pricing. Sounds to good to be true to me, but We shall see.

I had to hunt these down, all the walmart's in my area do not carry this line except for one and it was not stocked yet. But the nicest associate named Michael was awesome enough to bring out the whole stock and he helped me go through the boxes.

I got several items to review but I will start wth the lipglosses.

I chose these one's and I must say I am really happy with my selection.  All of them are pretty pigmented and they last a decent amount of time.

The only thing I don't care for is that the glosses are fragranced and you can taste it too. ( like Roses)

These Retail for $6.98.  not bad for drugstore.

I am glad I got to go through the boxes myself, because I really don't like to buy any cosmetics from Walmart because they are always opened and you can tell people have tested them, yes even though they are sealed, people break them all the time.  ( that is so gross)

So did you get anything from the Flower line? I have several products to review so stay tuned :)

UPDATE- I really lobe these glosses and I went back and bought one more color.
I highly recommend these :)



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