Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wet 'n Wild Fergie Centetstage Collection Part 2 / Maldives Sky & Dutchess Lounge Swatches and Review

  Here is my final review on the Wet'nWild Fergie centerstage collection.  Previous post for the lipsticks are here and eyeshadow here.

Maldives Sky is certainly the brightest palette of the collection, again with this palette all colors are great except for one; the lightest color which is a seafoam color. It was very hard to pick up any color on my brush as well as my finger tips.

Dutchess Lounge looks so gorgeous in the pan but the three darker colors are just too similar , they look pretty much the same on the eyes.

Overall thoughts:
The palettes all seem to have at least one color that is a dud, some even two colors and some are too chalky for my liking.
 For the price of $4.99 they are worth a look if you are interested  in one palette but I think you can get better quality and a ton more colors if you invest in the 88 or 120 color palettes. ( they are not a WnW product )

The stars of the whole Fergie Centerstage collection are hands down the lipsticks.

So did you pick up anything from this collection?



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