Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Physicians Formula Super BB / All in 1 Beauty Balm Cream SPF 30

I picked this up at Rite-Aid a few days ago , they had a concealer and powder as well on the display pictured , but sold out in the color I needed, which is Medium/Deep.

 I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest so called BB creams on the market. ( they always end up being glorified tinted moisturizers)  There are only 2 color choices; Light/Medium and Medium/Deep. Unfortunately this will not work for everyone with the limited shades.

 Looks a little dark when first applied on my hand , but after blending it out it looks good.

It claims to have 10 + beauty benefits;  Soothing , Moisturizing , Protecting, Firming , Priming & Filling, Perfecting , Concealing, Brightening, Line-softening , Long-wearing.

I don't agree with the 10 benefits it claims , but overall I like that is has spf 30 , it doesn't turn orange or muddy looking , and it is long wearing.

You can buy it for  $10.95 to 13.95 depending where you buy it.  My local Rite-Aid had a $12.95 label but it rung up at $8.95 plus the display has a $4.00 off coupon so I only paid $4.95.

I am interested in trying the powder and concealer too, but I am in no hurry to run out and buy it any time soon.

Have you tried this yet?? What are your thoughts??



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  1. I've been curious about these ones! A little nervous though...the American marketed BB creams fall short of the Asian BB creams that I use. Buuut I might give this one a go depending on how the color is haha :D