Monday, January 7, 2013

Maybelline Color sensational Vivids Review & Swatches

I must say 2013 has started off really good with all the drug store makeup lines. I am totally obsessed lately trying all the brands and items.

With all the bright, bold and colorful lip products it seems like spring has sprung everywhere , even though it is still winter.

   I love the bright packaging of Maybelline's new Vivid color senational lipsticks. Now let's take a look at the glorious bright and bold colors!! Just looking at them makes me happy.

Fuchsia Flash , Vivid Rose, Hot Plum

I picked up mine at Target for $5.99 a piece , which is pretty cheap compared to Walgreens and cvs.

If you are looking for colorful lipsticks these will definitely tickle your fancy. Winter lips were all about red for me, but now I am all about pink for the upcoming spring and summer season.


  1. Awesome colors!!! So bright!!!! Love the Plum color so much!!

  2. I reviewed all of these & I just adore them!

  3. I picked up the fuschia and hot plum and love them!

    Did you know your captchas are on? Makes it hard to comment:(

  4. Thank you all so much for commenting ladies :) Yes they are quite lovely!