Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tory Burch Black Friday Haul

I love Tory Burch packaging , it is so bright and cheery

Bright shiny orange wrapping paper!!

My picture does not do this bag justice, it looks so much better in person :)

She's ready to sleep in her sleeper bag until I am ready to use her :)

    I have always been into nicer handbags and I don't change my handbags out too much, maybe 2 or 3  times a year. So they all get their share of love from me.

Anyway I was in the market for a new bag , I don't do crazy colors usually or the it color of the season because they go out of style too quick and are a waste of money in my opinion.

I knew going with classic black is safe bet and never goes out of style really.

I was browsing in the Tory Burch store a few days before Thanksgiving and an associate told me they were going to have a Black Friday sale , Which if they have any sales it goes by how much you spend , you get 20, 25 or 30 percent off.

I fell in love with this bag , it is a classic style and I love gold/brass hardware not to mention it's pretty versatile.

So I waited for the sale and bought it  and a few other items.  I got a free little gift card set with purchase as well.

So say hello to my new Amanda Hobo bag. I love that I can wear it just with the handle or use the strap to wear cross body or over my shoulder.

Here it is if you are interested.


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