Monday, December 10, 2012

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Metallurgy Swatches

Super NSFW , Triptych , Yaoi

Super NSFW , Triptych , Yaoi


  OCC Cosmetics has come out with new lip tars for the winter but these are not quite the same as the other ones , these ones have a metallic finish to them, :) 

I took advantage of their Cyber Monday sale , it was buy two lip tars get Triptych FREE.  Yes Free! Woo Hoo.  They sell for $16.00 each on the site.

Here is how the website describes the colors:

SUPER NSFW - Described as a gold laced red
TRIPTYCH -  Describes as a true jewelry gold
YAOI - Described as a true fuchsia metallic

Triptych is a gorgeous yellow gold and can mixed with any color.
Yaoi doesn't seem Fuchsia to me , it is more bright pink ( think Barbie ) , and Super NSFW is more of a pinkish red.

Bottom line: I am very happy with them.  They all came with their own individual mini brush which is pretty cool.

I usually buy mine and Imats and TMS for $10 bucks , but with getting one free it was a good deal to me and usually the shows don't add a mini brush.

So will any of you be picking this up or do you own them already?