Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Must Have Pop Sugar Luxury Box Holiday 2012

 Pop Sugar must have box is a monthly subscription for $35.00 plux tax that is suppost to have a value of $100. ( which usually always fall short of the $100 they claim)

I was excited when they announced a " Luxury Holiday Box" , for $100 and was said to have a value of $300.00 I believe they said.  They had a limited amount of 1000 of these boxes available, which sold out pretty quickly.  I was thinking like most of the people who bought the box , that this was going to be the best box ever!!  

I was so excited to get mine , and today it finally arrived! Very cute packaging right?
My excitement soon turned into irritation , I kept thinking " No this has to get better" , I was very wrong!!

The unmarked brown box had a tarnished looking Jewelmint metal looking purse inside. Something I would never use. Next was a Deborah Lippman nail and lipstick duet set which is probably the only thing that I love in this box.

 Tocca scented candle was the third item I opened , the candle fell right out of the glass container , so now my irritation is turning into a bit of anger.
Look at how Tarnished the bracelet is!  Are you kidding me? Looks worse in person
 On to the next item a Heather Belle Cuff bracelet that is supposed to be shiny brass , Well NOT mine, mine is tarnished pretty bad.

Cheap looking metal purse , came in unmarked brown box, no name or anything
 The next few items are Vosges mini candy bars , Epicuren after bath moisturizer and Compagnie De Provence liquid soap.

This box was a total gimmick, nothing is luxurious to me in here? I mean Jewelmint and luxurious don't really go hand and hand. 

I am so unhappy with this box!!! I would not recommend anyone buy one of these " Luxury" boxes if they sell them again!

I really they would offer refunds on this box! Mine would be the first one to back A.S.A.P.

You know $100 is no chump change so yes I am pretty disappointed to say the least!!

 Hope this helps some of you out in deciding to buy or skip out on the one they have.

I would really love to hear your feedback on this post whether it be good or bad.




  1. I actually think the purse looks really cute but that box looks like a dud, especially for $100. You should complain, hon. x

  2. I was disappointed when I first saw these rolling in. They have the same amount of products that you would usually see in their $35 boxes, which are normally pretty good. I heard the cuff was around $100 alone, but if that was a third of the value for the box then I would say they could have gotten you a couple more nicer things than that for the same value. I'm so glad I skipped this box.

  3. That's terrible. I'm sorry, I really think you should get a refund. That doesn't seem like $300 worth of stuff...

  4. I got the envelope clutch, which I think is even worse than the one you got!:(

  5. I have the same box as you, my cuff was so bent up to fit in the black thing that there's no way to get it to a normal human size without bending the eff out of it.

    I'm pretty disappointed.

  6. Damn! I don't even have this box and I feel so bad for you. What a fricken rip off! I would be pissed and complain.