Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Giveaway Time

I found these cute little Halloween Themed Softlips packaging at Target last week and I thought what a great idea for a giveaway.

I will be having one winner here on my blog and the other winner on my facebook click Here

So you all have two chances to win. This contest is open internationally too!!!

You must be a follower to enter.

Now all you have to do to enter is tell me what your favorite holiday is and what you do to celebrate it?

Pretty simply, right?

I will leave it open until  Sept 24th.

The only prize you can see is the softlips, the rest of the treats ( or tricks) will be a surprise, but could possibly  include lipgloss , nailpolish, eyeshadow, lotion, makeup wipes, eyelashes, hair ties , perfume, makeup bags and candles , notepads , pens.

All the good stuff any makeup lover or beginner would love!!

Both bags will be different, so feel free to enter from both sites.




  1. Yay! I love opportunities to win something lol. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It's a time to gather around with family that you haven't seen in awhile, talk, laugh, and eat! We have the traditional turkey dinner and we watch movies while the turkey is in the oven. And then there's BLACK FRIDAY! Yes, I'm one of those crazies who wakes up at 3am and heads out to the stores to get some good deals. I can't wait for this year's delicious turkey meal and crazy sales! :)

  2. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I celebrate by (over)decorating my house and buying a ridiculous amount of candy for the neighborhood kids (although I'll admit I do eat a good portion of it myself but I like to tell myself it's for the trick-or-treaters).

  3. My favorite holiday is Christmas. All my family gets together at my parents house and we have dinner, drinks, & music. We usually do Secret Santa for the adults because buying everyone in my huge family a gift, would leave ANYBODY suffering from FUNDS-A-LOW!!! On Dec 24th at midnight my nieces and nephew open all their gifts and we go around opening one by one our secret santa gift. I love shopping for others so I always go over the budget that we set for secret santa. We usually at this point bring out the tequila and dance until the early morning! Family, Gifts, & Dancing it just doesn't get any better than that!!

  4. My favorite holiday has been, and always will be Christmas! With Halloween being a very close second. I just love giving gifts to people that I know they will LOVE! And now that my daughter is getting older (and asking for everything they show on TV) I don't know, it's just a lot more fun to do with her. My brother and I used to open gifts at midnight, but now we are grown with our own kids so we let them wake up and get the "OMG it's Christmas" faces :)

  5. Christmas!!!! I can't wait for Christmas so I can have my mommas cooking & my favorite tradition- snuggling up on the couch with my mom & daughters to watch Christmas movies. Especially 'A Christmas Story' :) I'm so excited for this year bc my oldest little girl is 3 so she understands Christmas & Jesus a little more!

  6. i love the christmas holidays because it is summer in australia, so we always go to our beach house with my friends. These holidays is the one before our school year starts, so its so freeing and relaxing! It also includes new years which is so fun because we spend it on the beach and look at the sunrise! such a great start to the year :)