Thursday, October 11, 2012

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup Review & Swatches

My Color is # 7

#2 ,  #3  ,  # 4 , # 4.5 ,  #5 ,  #5.5 ,  # 6.5 ,   #7 ,  # 8

#10  , # 11.5 ,  #12

I think I may have found my Holy Grail foundation , Yes that is a huge statement since I have tried a few dozen foundations including some drug store but mostly high end brands.

I have been wearing this daily for the past week and I love it , now I must say it is not full coverage , Especially for me since I have hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks so a concealer is a must with this.

For full coverage I do need to use another foundation  but on a daily basis just to even out my skin this is my go to product.

I am pretty oily and prone to break outs , this works great for me. The consistency is very watery but like a dry oil too if that makes any sense. ( Probably not , right? )

Here is what they say about the product:

An unforgettable and unique texture created by patented Fusion Technology. The Fusion makeup technology delivers the thinnest color film that blends perfectly and corrects skin imperfections without buildup.

Application Tips:
• Shake the bottle and put three drops in the palm of your hand.
• In rapid and fluid movements, spread the foundation out from the center of face to the edges. Make sure to concentrate the application in the center of the face where most imperfections are found.
• Blend from the center of forehead to the temples, from the nose, across the cheeks towards the ears, and then from the chin, up along the jaw line

• Blends into skin on application: 100%*
• Easy to wear, you forget that you are wearing make-up: 100%*
• Easy to apply, gives rapid and perfect make-up result every time: 98%*
• It’s a pleasure to use this make up product: 95%*
• Natural make-up result without make up feel: 95% *
* Tested during one week by 60 women aged 20-50, with all skin types except extreme ones.

“It’s not a foundation, it’s a complexion perfector. A whole new generation of make-up that feels incredible, looks invisible and makes skin appear luminous every time. Anyone can wear it!!!”
- Linda Cantello, International Make-up Artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmeticsenefits:
A formula that is easy to apply with unified distribution, and covers imperfections.  An ultra-fine oil-pigment suspension that perfects the complexion, instantly igniting skin’s natural luminosity. A water and powder-free.

 Here is what I say ;

Go check it out, you may love it :)



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