Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sonia Kashuk Hidden agenda concealer palette 1 & 2 swatches

Original on left /  Newer on right

Hidden agenda concealer palette -07 original

Hidden agenda II  concealer palette- 08

Top- Original / Bottom- II version

I was so happy to come across the new Sonia Kashuk hidden agenda II at my local Target.

I know you probably have heard and possibly own the original one , which is a bit light for me. ( NC42 skin tone )

You can imagine how excited I was to see and new color on the shelf!! I didn't even know a new color palette came out.

So if you are a medium tan or tan beauty , hidden agenda II will be perfect for you :)

They retail for $10.49 at my store , which is a price hike since I bought the original for $9.99.

So you may want to check your local Target stores if you need the the new one.  The DPCI is 052-11-0860 , this will help you lots when you call or ask them to check stock.

Have any of you beauties came across this??



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